About Jason

Established in Hong Kong in 2012 under The Dairy Farm Company, Limited, Jasons ▪ Food & Living is a boutique supermarket where food meets style. Customers will relish a unique range of foods, confectioneries, spirits and kitchenware from around the world.  With passionate staff and a designer décor, Jasons is truly the destination of choice for the city's food lovers.

Because shopping can really work up an appetite
Jasons offers a food hall that puts authenticity on the menu. Here, the smell of temptation comes from eateries such as Japan’s famous Baikohken Ramen, Nakajima Sushi, XTC Gelato, a brand-new bakery Urban Cake.Bread.Salad and more. 
An emulsion of emotions
Because Jasons believes that food is best enjoyed with all the senses, the store features unique twists that add a garnish of flair to food shopping.
Feast your eyes on the décor
A team of artists were tasked to serve up a store that blends food, form and function. Wide aisles and comfortable lighting are complemented by a series of specially commissioned wall art that spices up the ambience.
If music be the food of love
Jasons believes that food shopping should be a relaxing contrast to the city’s fast-food lifestyle. The brand has worked with a music therapist to compose its own in-store soundtracks that take people away from their busy work days, even for a 15-minute shopping trip.
Tasteful fashion
Jasons has been designed to be an interactive experience – right down to the way customers are served by friendly staff of food connoisseurs. The staff uniforms have been designed by Douglas Young of G.O.D. This crossover collection represents an original cooperation between these two stylish brands.